Going home.

The journey back to UK from the last campsite, Campsite Domaine du Logis ***** was, as usual easy and pleasant. Despite being a day crossing we booked a cabin as Sue is finding sea travel more problematic with each passing year.

The ferry arrived on time and just minutes later we were off the boat, through customs and on the M275 traveling towards our last campsite of the trip Dibles Touring and Residential Site.

The following morning we left early and by mid afternoon were settled at Little Henham Hall Farm site - Adventure number 9 complete.

For the sad : -

Days away                      199 days were spent in mainland Europe.

Distance travelled           12,485 klm (7758 miles)

Fuel used                        1194 litres (262.5 gall)

Economy                         10.26km/l  (29 mpg)*

*  This may seem on the low side but many of those miles were covered towing the caravan, and with that 1.8 tonne lump behind us consumption drops considerably.

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