Site No 247 - Parque de Camp. de V.Real **

Parque de Camp. de V.Real ** is a Euro Camping recommended site

Camping Vila Real
R. Dr. Manuel Cardona,
5000-558 Vila Real

Phone Number:-
00 351 259324724

Web Address:-

N41°18'12.7" W7°44'13.7"

General Description:-
Despite this being a municipal site it is well run with enthusiastic staff. There is a restaurant (sort of) on site but as the town is close by there is plenty of choice within a relatively short walk.

The site like the town is built on the side of the quite steep hill and terraced, however the actual pitches are flat.

The entrance is reasonably easy but once in the town following signs is a bit easier than following than following your sat nav. There is, though, just one way out up a narrow one way street with a left turn into another narrow one way street at the end. On a weekend or during the university vacations this should present no problem but midweek in term time here was NO WAY with a rig over 12m (41 ft) we were going to be able to make the turn. We unhitched, drove the car round and then motor moved the caravan round and re-hitched. Being Portugal not of the 15 or so cars behind us got “humpy” and started leaning on their horns, indeed one driver got out of his car and (in excellent English) inquired if he could help in any way, as did a young lady who happened to be passing. Thinking about it even a small outfit may not be easy at this corner but please don’t let it put you off this site.

Toilets and Showers:-
Both showers and toilets are reasonably modern and kept clean but as usual in Portugal there are no toilet seats and loo roll, soap and towels are not provided

There is a launderette, of sorts, in as much as there is a washing machine in a locked cupboard in the gents toilets the key is rented for a small sum per hour.

As mentioned above there is a restaurant on site that seems very popular with locals, but we didn’t try it because of a lack of time and not a lack of desire.

This was a pleasant site to which we would, even with our large outfit, be happy to return.

We stayed for 9 nights and paid £yy per night

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