Memorable Meals and Ingredients

Rodaballo (or in English - Turbot).

Turbot is a king of fish absolutely delicious and in UK can be bought on line at €28.67 (£25.00) per kilo while in Spain we bought the beastie in the photo at €9.95 (£8.68) per kilo

IMG 0173

This fish weighed in a little over 2 kilos and has been prepared ready to fillet.

To cook Sue will dust each fillet with seasoned flour and shallow fry

Presunto Ham

Cured Ham.jpg

You will have heard of prosciutto and jamon, well meet presunto! It is from the leg of pigs – but with traditional ingredients. Call it terroir, meaning that the cured ham is very different from region to region. Ancient breeds, centuries of tradition, and really good salt make presunto something quite special. The presunto must have a minimum weight of 5 Kg, have an agreeable taste, be very smooth, delicate, slightly salty, and sometimes a touch piquant to make the grade. In fact, Portugal has several DOC presunto regions.

We bought a piece of this ham in one of the stalls on theTorre summit, it was delicious and despite what our guide book says quite cheap.

Serra de Estrela Sheep Cheese

Runny Cheese.jpg

Produced in the beautiful “Star Mountains” Serra de Estrela is considered one of the best cheeses in Portugal.  Although Serra is made exclusively from sheep’s milk of two native species of sheep, you might also encounter Serra produced with a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk without the DOP classification. The cheese is cured with cardoon flowers, an indigenious mountain plant, and is made into large rounds between 1 and 1.5 kilos, but can be sold in half rounds with its soft core seen oozing out. Serra is also produced in the velho style, which I tend to think is more astringent than the younger version; yet both styles are equally as pungent and perfectly delicious!

Camping Olimpia Menu del Dia - dia dos

Tonight we both chose Fish Soup for our starter, it was packed with fish and delicious

There were a number of choices for mains tonight, Sue chose chicken breast wrapped in Parna ham and cooked in a cream sauce while I went for chicken cooked in beer. Both were served as last night with chips and rice. Both were very tasty.

We both had flan tonight - super

The same as last night - fantabulous!!

The meals cost (inc coffee) was just as last night,  €12.00 each and the wine a further €8.00.

If we come back to this site in the future, and we hope to, we will most definitely eat in the restaurant

Camping Olimpia Menu del Dia - dia uno

Sue had a local specialiy, pumpkin soup which she said was thick rich and creamy with a good spicy bite and served with fresh crusty bread, while I had a tagliatelle carbonara with creamy mushroom sauce.

There was a choice of mains between pork with clams and Mersula (Hake). We both chose the Mersula which was served with a lovely creamy sauce and clams, accompanied by chips and rice.

Sue had eaten enough so refused a sweet but the site owner when I asked for flan (Spains favourite pud - creme caramel) he decided to double up on one plate but bring two spoons.

The wine local to this region is Toro, a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines in the province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castile and Léon (Spain).

The red wines are predominantly made with 100% Tinta de Toro grapes which is a synonym for Tempranillo.

There are several types of reds:

Young red: best drunk within the year of production
Roble: a young red aged between three and six months (can contain some Garnacha)
Crianza: aged for at least two years, of which at least six months in oak barrel
Reserva: aged for at least three years, of which one year in oak barrel
Gran Reserva: aged for at least five years, of which two years in oak barrel

The wine we had with our meal was (we think) a Roble and delicious.

The meals cost (inc coffee) €12.00 each and the wine a further €8.00

Rioja Wine


Corvina is a sea fish that is difficult to describe as there is no direct translation as it is not a fish available in UK. The flesh when cooked is white with large flakes looking very much as a piece of cod that is where, for me, the similarity ends ‘cos I think Cod is watery and tasteless while Corvina is delicious. Next time I see some in a supermarket I will photograph them

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